This award Winning short story is a story of love, sex, life, and wrong choices.

Edward Michael White has lived on the edge, a Sagittarian who had celebrated his forty-ninth birthday true to his sign. An adventurer, a traveler, he loved living on the edge.  He welcomed confronting dangers, and found the thrill of danger to be invigorating.

White had the look that sent female heads whirling and hearts throbbing.  He appeared several years younger than his nearly fifty years but he had noticed recently that the hairs at his temples were beginning to grey and the lines around his eyes were starting to deepen.  He was not particularly a vain man but just aware that he was, indeed, a handsome man and people, especially women, responded to his good looks.  It had been that way since he had been a teenager.  Women had always been attentive, even the older ones, in his younger days and occasionally now and then, in more recent days. But Edward Michael White was unaware of the impact he has had on four women who deeply loved him.

Masquerading Cowboy won a Short Story First Place Award in 2002.

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The Masquerading Cowboy

A Novella by Linda Pendleton