A short time after the CEO of a high-tech weapons company reaches out to Reporter, Diana Chambers for investigative help, he dies a horrific death, along with two of his coworkers. Chambers looks to former FBI profiler Robert Venturi for help and they discover the lives of several scientists are at risk, as well as their own!

Suspense Thrillers

John Warren and Denise Fellini are in a frantic search for their children, who disappeared during a research conference of genius level children from around the world. International tensions run high as Warren and Fellini are pitted against a mysterious agency and are led into a labyrinth of intrigue, murder, government cover-up, UFOs, and the paranormal.

This award winning short story is a story of love, sex, life, and wrong choices.

He Felt Threatened!  Sex, drugs and missing money … not your ordinary trip to the dentist! An ex-con, a stripper, a psychologist and a dentist, all have one thing in common, former Southern California D.A., turned private investigator, Richard McCord

Police Detective Rebecca Storme, and her husband, veteran Detective Sergeant Peter Storme, both married more to the badge than each other, have inevitable conflict within their marriage, and their careers are put to the test when a psychopathic killer invades their peaceful Southern California community and turns it into a hotbed of fear and outrage.