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My blog’s focus will be the world of spirit: angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones, our communication with those on the Other Side, Spiritualism, near death experiences, past lives and all that fascinating and inspirational good stuff.

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July 5, 2015: 

It's been a busy time this spring and early summer.  I completed and published my Richard McCord Private Eye novel, Deadly Flare-Up.  I very much enjoyed writing the book and hope to do a second Richard McCord book before long.  We get attached to our characters, especially the good guys, and want to bring them back in additional books.  I'm currently working on a third Catherine Winter P.I. novel. 

My cover designer, Judy Bullard, and I, just did updated covers for Don Pendleton's six Joe Copp P.I. Thrillers.  I'm happy with the results.

In December, Open Road Media republished Don Pendleton's original Executioner Series as ebooks.  I'm happy to say they are selling well, finding new fans, along with the old fans.  We've published 37 of the original series. The first book, War Against the Mafia, published in 1969—yes, 46 years ago –became best sellers, worldwide.   Don Pendleton is known as "the father of the Action Adventure" literary genre. 

I've had several books now narrated through ACX, and available at,  It has been a rewarding experience to find such excellent narrators. 

So all these projects and other business related activities do take away from my time to write.  And then I seem to find things to do, like redoing one of my several websites. Time to get back to website design now.


Have you often wondered if you are guided and inspired from the other side? Do you often "feel" the presence of a deceased loved one? Do you feel that you have guardian angels, that prayers are frequently answered, or that you often receive information that is not available to you through any of the five senses? Such experiences can be very real and entirely valid and it is my hope that in your exploration and journey through my web site that you may further a meaningful relationship with the wide world of spirit and gain new spiritual understandings. Enjoy the dance! –Linda Pendleton

January 1, 2016

Here we are welcoming in a new year! 2015 was a busy one, and a good one in many ways.  I hope this new year will be a better one and wonderful one for each of you. 

I was pleased to have completed the audio book rendition of To Dance With Angels shortly before Christmas.  Tim Danko did a wonderful job with the narration.  He also narrated our Whispers From the Soul; A Search for Meaning from the Surface of a Small Planet; Cosmic Breath.  Check those out at, iTunes, Amazon. 


December 15, 2016

Here we are coming up on Christmas and a new year. Time moves so quickly anymore.  Earlier this month a new Audible book was published, my nonfiction, How Thin the Veil!  150 Years of Spiritualism.  This book is also narrated by Tim Danko, who has done several of our nonfiction books. I hope to have my third Catherine Winter Private Investigator novel out in January.  Happy holidays!  

February 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln.  I published my third Catherine Winter Private Investigator novel just days before Christmas. Shifting Focus is in Kindle, print and audio. 

The publisher of my two ecourses has decided to close their wonderful website and business after several years.  I've enjoyed working with June, Ken, and Mike. I hope to put my two courses into a book this spring to continue sharing them, as I've had such wonderful reviews.     

February 27, 2018

I published both of the ecourses, transformed into books. Softly With Love, Communicating With Your Spirit Guides and Angels; and Journey to the Heart, Exploring the World of Spirit. 

I'm currently working on a Western, set during the CA Gold Rush; and a second Richard McCord PI novel.  I hope to complete both later this year. 

June 26, 2018 

My Western, The Bold Trail, A Samuel Garrison is now published in print and ebook.  In the coming months it will be in Audible. I published under L. R. Pendleton

November 16, 2018

I published an Executioner, Mack Bolan  Short Story, Willing to Kill by Don Pendleton.  It is my husband's only Executioner Short Story, and he wrote it 40 years ago for The Great American Anthology Anthology.  Print and ebook.

February 17, 2019

I wrote The Executioner, Don Pendleton Creates Mack Bolan: 50 Year Anniversary, 1969-2019, and published it in time for the 50 year anniversary of the first Executioner novel, War Against the Mafia, that began the action/adventure literary genre, and the Executioner Series of books.  Print and ebook.

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