Police Detective Rebecca Storme, and her husband, veteran Detective Sergeant Peter Storme, both married more to the badge than each other, have inevitable conflict within their marriage, and their careers are put to the test when a psychopathic killer invades their peaceful Southern California community and turns it into a hotbed of fear and outrage.

Rebecca Storme, the only woman in the detective bureau, and the sole member of the Sex Crimes Unit, finds that the Sunrise Killer will not only challenge her career, her marriage, but her very life.

Her husband, Detective Sergeant Storme, has been caught up in the infighting of the police department and city management, and is drawn deeper into his career battles and challenges as the Sunrise Killer makes his appearance in their city.

This award-winning story is fast-moving, often riveting, often disturbing, as the cops are repeatedly challenged by a serial killer who has them all in his grip. Will the cops be able to break his grip and stop his horrific killings?

“Great story. I could hardly put it down. So real, so credible, a delightful page turner.”
~K.M., California Policeman

"Excellent book, well written, fast paced and great plot! This was so well written that when I first started reading it I had to go back and check to be sure it was a fiction book!" ~J. Brown

"A very good story. surprise ending. Good characters. would read more by this author. this is the kind of novel I enjoy." ~Barb.

"The story is very intriguing with great twists and turns. There are definitely those moments of gasping and holding your breath. I would love to read another book with the husband and wife cop characters." ~Anne L. Boss

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Roulette was originally published under the title, One Dark and Stormy Night and won an EPPIE 2001 Thriller Finalist Award, given for the finest in ebooks.  

Roulette: The Search for the Sunrise Killer


Don and Linda Pendleton

The small Southern California bedroom community of San Remo was about to come of age. Two people in particular, both police officers seeking personal as well as career fulfillment in a very difficult political climate, would find their own fates woven closely to that of a maniacal killer. These cops were married—to each other, as well as to their jobs. Peter and Rebecca Storme, too, would be coming of age very soon now.