Don and Linda Pendleton

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"I believe A Walk Through Grief, is a very effective book. Linda, you write with clarity and forthrightness about some very difficult and some very amorphous concepts.  Not only do I think the book will be helpful to those who may turn to it for guidance and comfort during their own experience of grief, but I think others will want to read it because it's such a good story.  I certainly recognized that you and Don had a unique relationship, and if there are such things as soul-mates you two were assuredly that."–Jack Scovil, Literary Agent

“The soul is not where it lives but where it loves.” ~Thomas Fuller


Linda's story of her personal walk through grief following the sudden death of her husband, author Don Pendleton, in October of 1995, is a walk of a universal nature filled with emotions, pain, questions, fears, and is a journey most people are forced to take at various times throughout their lives.

This book is written for those in mourning but also as preparation for loss and, most importantly, for a greater understanding of the life and death process. It became apparent to Linda shortly following Don's death that there is a void within grief literature as the majority of grief books deal with the religious or psychological aspects and avoid the spiritual (or paranormal) aspects that are often a common occurrence following the death of a loved one. Linda explores her own spiritual experiences and those of others who have lost loved ones in a revealing and enlightening manner which lends credibility to the understanding that consciousness survives death of the physical body.

She became aware within days of Don's death that he was still at her side. The communication from him came in various ways, some subtle, and some not quite so subtle but always in a manner that couldn't be ignored. She was to discover that others who knew Don and were dealing with their personal grief following his death were also having spiritual events. There was little doubt it was Don making his presence known to those who loved him. Dr. Peebles also relayed messages from Don to Linda through other mediums. She was soon in contact with Don through automatic writing with pen and paper, and not long after, at the keyboard. Linda was awed by the experience, and continues to be awed and inspired by the ongoing communication that she shares with Don from the other side.

Her book is also a beautiful love story--the story of the deep love bond shared by her and her husband–and how that bond of love has not been broken by the dimensional changes that have occurred with death. Linda stepped across the bridge that separates the physical and spiritual realms and discovered healing, joy, and purpose.

This deeply felt, revealing book offers real hope for a healing of the mind and spirit as one moves beyond grief and comes to understand that loss is but a stepping-stone on the soul's journey and an opportunity for tremendous growth and new understanding. A Walk Through Grief is a reassuring testimonial of hope, comfort, and affirmation that love lives on forever.

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