The Unknown, A Novel

by Linda Pendleton

Single parents, John Warren and Denise Fellini are in a frantic search for their children, who disappeared during a private research conference in Southern California.  Their children are part of a group of nine young gifted children from around the world.  International tensions are high and Warren and Fellini are drawn together as they are pitted against a mysterious agency and are led into a labyrinth of intrigue, murder, government cover-up, UFOs, and the paranormal.

A deep bond builds between Warren and Fellini as they hunt for their children.  Their personal sense of reality is shaken, as is that of the U.S. President Fitzhugh and his Administration, as they all search for answers. 

“An intriguing and suspenseful novel perfectly suited for the public’s growing fascination with UFOs, alien abduction, remote viewing, and government cover-up.”

“This one delivers with romance, white-knuckle suspense and a plot more stunning than The X-Files.” ~Stephen Mertz, Author

“Extraterrestrials,” said President Daniel Fitzhugh softly to no one but himself. “God help us all.” ~The Unknown

Available in Print, Kindle and Audible

“The dark hand of our government had just come crashing down around John Warren and fear clutched at him, centering deep in the pit of his stomach.”